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In Storybrooke, Maine, Mr. Gold is the wealthy pawbroker whose influence seems to know no limit. In everything from real estate to politics and even the personal lives of the townspeople, Gold's knowledge and involvement is virtually infinite. Many are intimidated and frightened of Gold, and for good reason; his ruthless and manipulative methods ensure that he always has the advantage, and there are none who do not owe him something. It is said while Mayor Regina runs Storybrooke, Gold owns it.

A middle-aged man who walks with a limp and the assistance of a cane, Gold is always sharply attired. While composed and soft-spoken, sharpening his tongue only when truly annoyed, he moves and speaks with confidence and fearlessness. He is a man in his element, always, and in speaking to him there is always the nagging sensation that he knows more about a person than should be natural.

He is also one of the few aware that the residents of Storybrooke are under a curse, preventing them from returning to the realm of the Enchanted Forest and remembering their true selves. His own true identity is that of Rumplestiltskin, an insane and malevolent trickster who can spin straw into gold. An expert on black magic and the dark arts, he is known for striking Faustian deals with desperate people. He is widely regarded as the most powerful and dangerous entity in the world, and none dare cross him without dire consequences...not even the Evil Queen herself.

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